The Alrose Advantage

Reasons YOU should buy from Alrose Products instead of a competitor:

  1. Our products are sleek, elegant and look great – perfect for high end applications where first impressions count.
  2. 316 Stainless Steel external components – highly corrosion resistant ensuring a long material life and low chance staining from rust.
  3. Made in the UK – buying British Gas Springs helps support the local manufacturing industry.
  4. Free design service  – helping you specify the right product for your job, first time.
  5. Friendly and helpful customer service – making your purchase simple and seamless by getting to know you and your requirements.
  6. Design and manufacture bespoke products – Your design shouldn’t be constrained; we can help you develop a design that works best with our products or modify them to fit your existing application.
  7. Springs in stock ready to despatch – 97.9% of stock springs in 7 days.
  8. Decades of experience – Helping you to avoid the common pitfalls and guide you to a working solution.
  9. High quality seals and bearings, exceptionally smooth rod and factory adjustable damping – enhancing longevity and ensuring ease of operation.
  10. Large range of end fittings and brackets in stock – Allowing you to purchase a full package and fit it as soon as you receive the order.
  11. Range or features and customisations – Allow you to quickly specify the product that fits your requirements; we have a feature to cover nearly all situations.
  12. In house testing – Allows our continuous drive for improvement the means to develop products that suit your needs.
  13. Re-gassing service and pressure reducing kits – Allow you to increase or decrease the pressure on your site or send back to us to do.  Either way it means you generally don’t have to buy a new spring if the pressure is incorrect.  You can even hire the portable filling kit from us.
  14. Emergency Manufacture – We know that sometimes you just need your part now, with this in mind we offer an option to fast track your order through our factory.  Component dependant.
  15. Call off stock – Place an order and we will hold it for you ready for despatch, allowing you the “Just in Time” stock control you demand.
  16. We understand how to pack and ship your goods all around the world, so you can rest assured of prompt and secure delivery.