Common End Fitting Range

This table shows our commonly ordered sizes of End Fittings to fit our Gas Springs.  Please use the search box or the filters to easily navigate to the spring you require.  You can add multiple filters, or remove them by clicking on the unwanted values.

Once you have the Fitting(s) you require please complete the “Request for Quote” form at the bottom of this page.

If you can’t find what you need we can make the spring to your exact specifications. Please contact us to find out how +44 (0)1778 540025.

NameComponent FactorMaterialThread
AE 1600 EYE16GalvanisedM5
AE 1901 EYE19GalvanisedM8
AE 2700 EYE27GalvanisedM10
AE 421400 EYE42GalvanisedM14 X 1.5
GE 2000 FORK20GalvanisedM5
GE 3201 FORK32GalvanisedM8
GE 4000 FORK40GalvanisedM10
GE 5600 FORK56GalvanisedM14 X 1.5
WE 1801 BALL JOINT18GalvanisedM8/M8
WE 1900 BALL JOINT19GalvanisedM8/M8
WE 2203 BALL JOINT22GalvanisedM5/M5
WE 2501 BALL JOINT25GalvanisedM6/M6 OR M6/M8
WE 3000 BALL JOINT30GalvanisedM8
WE 3500 BALL JOINT35GalvanisedM10
WE 4500 BALL JOINT45GalvanisedM14 X 1.5
ASPE 2700 SPHERICAL27GalvanisedM5
ASPE 3000 SPHERICAL30GalvanisedM6
ASPE 3600 SPHERICAL36GalvanisedM8
ASPE 4300 SPHERICAL43GalvanisedM10
ASPE 5700 SPHERICAL57GalvanisedM14 X 1.5
AS 1600 EYE16StainlessM5
AS 1900 EYE19StainlessM8
AS 2700 EYE27StainlessM10
AS 421400 EYE42StainlessM14 X 1.5
GS 2000 FORK20StainlessM5
GS 3201 FORK32StainlessM8
GS 4000 FORK40StainlessM10
GS 5600 FORK56StainlessM14 X 1.5
WS 2200 BALL JOINT22StainlessM5/M5
WS 2501 BALL JOINT25StainlessM6/M6 0R M6/M8
WS 3000 BALL JOINT30StainlessM8/M8
WS 3500 BALL JOINT35StainlessM10/M10
WS 4500 BALL JOINT45StainlessM14 X 1.5
ASPS 2700 SPHERICAL27StainlessM5
ASPS 3600 SPHERICAL36StainlessM8
ASPS 4300 SPHERICAL43StainlessM10
ASPS 5700 SPHERICAL57StainlessM14 X 1.5